Watch Care Advice

Your watch will require care and regular maintenance to ensure its accuracy and to protect its appearance. It is important to note, however, that each brand and model of watch has its own specific care guidelines and you should always refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual or warranty, provided with your watch.

Avoid water damage to your watch. Should water or condensation appear in your watch face, have it checked by a watch specialist. Watches are water resistant, they are not water proof.

Avoid leaving your watch in extreme temperatures as this can cause complications. Generally, extreme heat can shorten the battery life of a quartz watch and extreme cold can cause your watch to gain or lose time. Don't wear your watch when in the sauna or taking a hot bath.

Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents and gases which may cause discolouration, deterioration and damage to your watch. Other solutions such as fake tan, body lotions and perfume can cause such damage.

Although most watches are, to a degree, shock resistant, do avoid extreme shock or impact to your watch.

Do not pull out the winder whilst watch is under water or still wet.

The following watch parts are excluded from the guarantee service: battery, glass, every type of wrist band and bracelet, and every type of decorative and jewellery.

Ceramic as a metal is scratch resistant, but it is important to note that if it falls onto a hard surface, such as a tiled floor, the ceramic will break. Be careful about your personal electrical appliances because watches/clocks may indicate the incorrect time under a magnetic influence. Many products generate magnetism in the environment, such as electrical appliances (speakers of audio equipment, etc.), cell-phones, magnetic necklaces, and magnets of furniture and bags. If your watch/clock suddenly stops, or loses or gains time, it may be under a magnetic influence. A watch/clock that does not keep correct time due to magnetism is not faulty; therefore it will get back to its original accuracy when located away from the magnetism. Use it after resetting the correct time. Magnetic necklaces and cell-phones generate strong magnetic fields.

When taking off your watch, do not place it on or put it into a bag together with any magnetic necklace or cell-phone

You are advised not to wear a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch, in order to preserve the shine of the polished surfaces and precious stones.



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