Diamond Jewellery Care

Diamond Jewellery Care

Fine jewellery requires great care even though it is made from some of the most durable substances on earth. All people wear the rings differently. Some people wear down the claws in a couple of years, others wear them for decades. It depends on the activities we perform. Due to everyday wear your diamonds will quickly become coated with soap residue, powder or oily dirt. Despite being the hardest substances, they can still be damaged or dulled. There are things which can damage them such as sharp impact on a hard surface or can be chipped by hard blow.

Follow a few easy steps to ensure your gems and fine metals keep their brightness and sparkle:

Always take your jewellery off when gardening, cleaning or cooking – detergents can discolour and damage the metal.

Always remove your jewellery before showering, soap can cause a film to form on your rings and make them look dull.

Don’t wear your rings when doing rough work, your mount can be damaged and diamond chipped by a hard blow.

Do not wear your jewellery going to the gym or using swimming pool, chlorine can discolour your mounting.

Mercury can permanently discolour or damage your jewellery.

Store your jewellery individually in clean dry place to prevent from scratching or dulling.

Don’t allow your diamonds to rub and knock against other diamonds, this might cause chipping and wear to diamonds.

Regular cleaning can help your diamond sparkle and prevent build up of dirt. It is also essential to inspect the ring carefully after hard knock to ensure your stone is secure and claws intact. Bring your ring for annual clean and inspection to insure that setting is secure and solid and avoid loss of stone.




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