Story of Galway Pendant Silver Open Back

Story of Galway Pendant Silver Open Back

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Created by craftmen, this radiant piece illustrates famous features and landmarks of Galway. Irish designed and Hand-Crafted jewellery that portrays the History of Galway. Each icon depicts landmarks of Galway and is a celebration of irish and Celtic culture and history in the heart of Galway.

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Welcome to Blacoe Jewellers - The home of handcrafted Claddagh Rings and Irish Jewellery. Located in the heart of Galway, we are committed to providing our customers with an unrivalled selection of handmade Irish jewellery. Feel free to browse our range of Claddagh Rings, Claddagh Wedding Rings and Celtic Jewellery plus Blacoe Jewellers own range of products, created at our Galway workshop on the west coast of Ireland.


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