Wedding Ring Care Advice

Most of our wedding rings are individually hand made to assure integrity and quality of design. Each ring is carefully checked before and rings that do not meet requirements are rejected. We offer variety of models including rhodium plated, brushed and diamond set wedding bands. Due to their finish and style they need to be handled with appropriate care. Failing to obey to those rules might result in faster wear on the surface, loss of the rhodium, matt finish as well as dulling and damaging stone.

Please follow those instructions in order to keep your fine metals and gems looking bright and sparkling.

Rhodium plating can disappear due to wear as white gold is sensitive to harsh chemicals which can cause discoloration

Brushed jewellery will become polished after a while, always take your wedding band off while doing manual work

Platinum is resistant to tarnishing and discolouration due to chlorine and other chemicals, however, despite its durability it needs to be properly cared for

Same rules apply when storing wedding bands, we don’t recommend keeping it in your wallet with coins

If the jewellery is leaving your skin discoloured, it is not a problem with gold. We all have different level of skin acidity and this might react with alloys in jewellery

Always take the ring off at night. By taking the wedding band off at night no dirt and perspiration will build up under the ring thus preventing the risk of finger infection and eczema

Always remove your jewellery before showering, soap can cause a film to form on your rings and make them look dull

Always take your jewellery off when gardening, cleaning or cooking – detergents can discolour and damage the metal



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