Do you make your own jewellery?

We sure do! We pride ourselves on the fact that our jewellery is Irish made and made local! We can make nearly any design or piece!

What metals do you use?

We use a range of metals from Sterling Silver to White, Rose & Yellow Gold to Platinum. All our gold 9ct/10ct/14ct/18ct are all what we call “refined gold” meaning they are of the highest/purest quality and also are eco-friendly. Our platinum is 95%. The metals that we use will never tarnish/ wear away - a good polish will bring them back to new! Of course the exception is white gold which will need a re-rhodium plating annually.

I want to buy a ring as a gift/surprise and I do not know their size?

That is no problem – once the item is not engraved we will exchange it for the correct size at a later date* 

*once the ring has not been worn or damaged and it is within a reasonable time-frame.

Do you repair jewellery?

Yes! We have our very own goldsmith on site and he can repair all jewellery that is sterling silver, gold or platinum* We also clean jewellery and can replace diamonds or gemstones.

*all jewellery must be assessed first*

How long does it take to repair my jewellery?

We try and aim for 1-2 weeks but each piece of jewellery is individually assessed and could take longer.

Can you resize my ring?

Yes 99% of the time we can if it is made of Sterling Silver/Gold/Platinum but each ring will have to be assessed first.

I have an unusual shape engagement ring? Can you make me a wedding band?

Yes! This is something we specialise in. We can take a wax mould of your engagement ring and create a gold/platinum band that will fit beside it perfect. We can also customise it with diamonds/gemstones of your liking.

I can’t find the exact engagement ring/wedding band I want – Can you make it for me?

Of course! This is something we love doing! Our motto is that if you can’t find it in our store we’ll make it for you! Just make an appointment and we’ll create something beautiful together.

How long does it take to make a wedding band?

It usually takes 5-6 weeks.

What diamonds/gemstones do you use?

We use a huge range of precious and semi precious stones. We of course have the most beautiful natural mined diamonds in our engagement rings/ wedding bands/ pendant and earrings however we are making a huge effort to encourage the buying of lab grown diamonds as they are so much more eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds that are chemically and physically the same as a mined diamond with the exception of the time period it takes them to form. Lab grown diamonds are created in a matter of months under extreme pressure and heat in a controlled environment.

Do you engrave?

Yes we can engrave any jewellery that is suited to engraving and that is bought with us. Most popular are our engravable discs/bars and engagement and wedding bands. We can engrave in Gaeilge, English and Ogham and for some things we can even engrave family crests/symbols and pictures!

Do you deliver worldwide?


I have bought a piece of jewellery online how long will I have to wait for it to get to me?

If we have a piece of stock in store available then it should be with you in 2-3 days. If we have to custom make it depending on what it is (times can vary) we aim for 7-10 days.*

*if you are living within Ireland. We do deliver worldwide and use a tracking registered courier but times may vary depending on your location.

How long does it take to make a bespoke piece of jewellery?

How long is a piece of string...

It is all depending on what exactly you want made and what we need to source for it. It can take anywhere from 2- 8 weeks but we can give you a more concrete timeline at your appointment

I have a diamond/gemstone or piece of jewellery belonging to my grandmother. Can you make a piece of jewellery using this?

Yes we love working with sentimental jewellery this way we can re-imagine a piece of jewellery into a piece that can be worn and loved again. Just book an appointment or email us on shipping@blacoe.ie to discuss your jewellery.

Do I need to book an appointment?

No not necessarily, we do have an open door policy but the goldsmith may not always be available if his expertise is needed. Therefore, we would advise booking ahead in advance if you are looking for a bespoke piece of jewellery to be made. This way we can also be prepared to help you in the most efficient way.