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Children of Lir Sterling Silver Ring

Children of Lir Sterling Silver Ring

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“The Children of Lir” ring is a beautiful handmade ring that tells the story of an old Irish folktale! Available in Gold and Silver! An original Blacoe Jewellers design. 

The story of the Children of Lir is told through the icons that feature around the whole band. The swans in different forms of flight are separated with an icon of a human that shows the transformation from child to swan. The Celtic knots on this band highlights the Irish culture that this folktale is home to.

The Children of Lir is an old Irish tale of Kings, druids, magic and four children; Fionnghuala, Aodh, Fiachra, and Conn. The four children were born to King Lir and Aoibh. After the death of their mother ,Aoibh, Lir remarried a woman called Aoife. Aoife was jealous of the four children and while she had planned to kill them she could not . Instead she took them to Loch Dairbhreach and once they were in the water she cast a spell - transforming all four children into beautiful swans. Cursing them to spend 300 years on Loch Dairbhreach, 300 years on Sruth Na Maoilé and 300 years on Lorrus Domnann and Inis Giuaire. 

Legend tells that the four swans sang their song for 900 years until the arrival of Saint Patrick who freed them from their curse. It is said Saint Patrick tied them with silver chains and when they were touched they turned into humans again but were very elderly. Saint Patrick is said to have baptised them just before they had died. 

While there is many variations of this story it is a story that is recognised in many Irish households. Our history of storytelling as a country is nearly has powerful as the folklore and stories that are passed down. 

This ring is available in 9ct yellow gold and Sterling silver. If your size is not listed please contact the shop at 

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