Sterling Silver Ogham disk

Sterling Silver Ogham disk

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This is a beautiful sterling silver pendant with the letter C written in Ogham accompanied with CZ to add that bit of sparkle!

Ogham is an ancient form of writing deriving from the 4th century AD and is the earliest known form of Gaelic! Individual letters were formed by carving lines either slanted/straight on the edge of boulders or wood. 

It is said it takes its name from Ogma the Celtic God of Literature. Ogma was skilled in speech and poetry and wrote the first message on a birch tree as a warning to Lug a Warrior King. Other tales in Irish folklore say that it was invented after the fall of Tower of Babel by the Skythian king Fenius Farsa! Each letter was named after his top 25 scholars! This written language was then used widely by Druids and Neo pagans for the purpose of divination and each letter is associated with a tree or plant! 

It can be interpreted in so many ways depending on which folklore you consult - but what we do know is that it is a major part of Irish history and culture!

Our Ogham pendant is an exceptional mix between old traditional Irish culture and modern jewellery and is handcrafted by our Goldsmith Robert Blacoe.